The Eco Trailer Park

While smart growth and eco-developments have become part of the mainstream planning dialogue, trailer parks demonstrate a form of sustainable infrastructure and development patterns that already exist.  The oft-snubbed trailer park is probably the most overlooked form of sustainable and affordable housing, a true diamond in the rough.  With a little help from green design, […]


OHOME Classic

The Classic model puts a modern twist on the traditional gable-style roof. With it’s clean, contemporary detailing, state of the art fixture and appointments and thermally efficient OHOME structure, the Classic is poised for living well with the realities and uncertainties of the 21st Century.



The Wing is easy to ship and build, and is characterized by broad overhangs on all roof edges and clean comtemporary styling. Access to an optional roofgarden is also featured. The roofgarden helps with cooling in Summer months – and is ideally suited to temperate climates. With 12′ ceilings, the Wing offers generous, airy living spaces that are well suited for a wide range of climates.


Ottawa River Triplex For Sale!

Geothermal-powered R2000 Triplex near the Ottawa river in old Aylmer, QC.



The OHOME™ ships flat-packed inside of a standard shipping container, and all coded and sequenced construction components unload and install easily using our patents-pending SIPFS and SIPFS Assembly Technology, (Structural Insulated Panel & Finish System). Think of the OHOME™ like a giant Ikea™ home in a box. The OHOME™ arrives complete with all the tools […]


Reinventing the Trailer Park

Last March (2009), Lisa Selin Davis wrote for Grist.org  about my vision for a greener trailer park – which I see as the future of suburban development for a number of reasons; the footprint is lighter on the earth, there is no disruption of landforms, infrastructure is inexpensive, and the resulting end users are significantly […]


London Granny Flat

  Designed for a UK-based prefab manufacturer, the London Granny Flat was designed to take advantage of the UK’s relaxed requirements around granny flats no longer requiring planning approval. This fact alone has recently caused an upsurge of interest in backyard offices, guest suites and granny flats. This model was designed for a range of […]



    One of the projects that first inspired me to consider more efficient/mass-produced methods for ecological housing. I was asked to bring R2000 (Canada) technology to this next generation, off-grid and carbon-neutral tract housing form – only in Germany! And in 1997 no less! Design & Photos by by Juergen Kaerstens, Architekt, MEP/HVAC concept […]



The MICRO was designed as a low-cost travel trailer for use in a typical trailer park infrastructure as a weekend home. This standard form features  contemporary detailing and is available with either shed or gable roofed options on an 8′ x 30′ travel trailer chassis. A basic galley kitchen by IKEA and a 3 pc. […]

IOTA Front Corner 2

Iota Travel Trailer

While the miniHome was sensationally popular in the media, but despite all the excitement and kudos, I still could not afford one myself, So I set out to create a travel trailer that used the excellent eco-materials and thermally-efficient techniques used on the miniHOME SOLO, that was a mere fraction of the size (8′ x […]