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ArchiCad ships with out-of-the box templates that do not address the full functionality of a well-coordinated BIM solution. The purpose of the ACE templates was to create a coordinated GDL library, Master Layer and publisher templates, together with Model View Options, Materials, Fills, Custom Profiles, Pentables and myriad other custom Attributes that synchronized with the CSI (Construction Specifications Institute)  index ordering for subsequent integration with spec-writing protocol and quantity-surveying and/or construction modelling purposes.

After many years of development, I am almost a month away from releasing the ArchiCad15 Template – completely free – stay tuned for September 2011 release!

The most popular, current torrent for the ACE Library can be found here:


DownloadMagnet  linkThis torrent has 1 comments. Uploaded 03-06 2008, Size 240.2 MiB, ULed by arthomson


DownloadMagnet  linkThis torrent has 2 comments. Uploaded 03-17 2008, Size 240.86 MiB, ULed by arthomson

Last ACE Library was for ArchiCad 11, but I am still using this library for all projects in 12,1 3, without any issues.

Templates by Andy Thomson

4 Comments on “ACE ArchiCad Templates

  1. Hi. So it’s november and when you’ll release the archicad 15 template?
    Gracias my friend

    • Well, I am happy to post my working portfolio once I remove some private info (stamps, etc). But it is still tied to the ACE Library (AC 10) – so there may be some missing objects if you are only loading the standard GS libraries.

  2. Nice man very nice work by the way! I’m using it since you were on…
    Thanks for everything I learnef from your materials… I think I can paint a glossy wall 🙂

  3. How are you coming on AC15 version of ACE Template? As a past paying customer we would like to get all updated to 15. Keep up the good work. JAT

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